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Generating business intelligence from complex data sets is what we do best.

Data Driven Insight

The faster you can change complex, disconnected data sets into coherent, comparable information, the faster you can understand it and use it to make your business run better.

Data Transformation and Insight

We are now living in the age of data, where it’s consumed, what is consumed and how it’s consumed shapes how we live. From the update on your mobile device informing you of which platform your connecting train is leaving from through to fitness tracker on your wrist nudging towards that extra 200 steps to meet your goal, data is everywhere. To put some context in terms of the growth in data there are now over 3.7 billion users of the internet generating 2.5 quintillion bytes of data daily.

A single point of truth

For organisations large and small leveraging data that they both own and have access, to drive the decision makers to a single vision of the truth which is crucial in the modern workplace environment. Sometimes the challenge is that there is too much data. On other occasions it is the disparate nature of the sources of the data which proves to be the road block to the single vision. With the perfect storm of disparate sources combined with poor data quality making the single vision a challenge stretching the best internal reporting teams to the limit.

Microsoft driven Business Intelligence

Chess Digital with the assistance of the Microsoft BI stack have helped or clients navigate these challenges with success for over 15 years. Please come and speak to us about your challenges with data there is a solution out there for all.