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Transforming business using Power Apps

PowerApps are a no code/low code platform that enables anyone to build rich web and mobile applications.

A relaxed approach to accessibility compliance could be an expensive oversight.

With the virtual world an extension of the physical, accessibility has often been treated with the same consideration – as an afterthought. It's time for change.

CambrianSV - Encouraging grassroots development on BitcoinSV

Everyone’s talking about it, but not everyone’s talking about it in full view of a Bali sunset surrounded by the ‘best minds in bitcoin’. In the first of a series of posts on bitcoin and blockchain, Senior Consultant Craig Porter reveals all about the CambrianSV bootcamp.

More human than human

A brief insight into how artificial intelligence has transformed the tech world, making businesses more productive, efficient and profitable. But is it right for you?

The Age of AI - what does it mean in the workplace?

Artificial intelligence (AI) will have an impact on the digital workplace of today. IBM reported that within the next three years about 120 million workers in the world's 10 major economies will need to be retrained/reskilled because of AI and intelligent automation.

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