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We take an interactive, design driven approach to working with clients and partners.


The approach taken with respect to any form of customer or client engagement mirrors our agile approach to development, in that it is based on transparency, flexibility and partnership. We find far more value is derived from collaborative prototyping sessions than the development and delivery of uninspiring documentation where key functional aspects can remain ambiguously defined in text.

Discovery & Analysis

Successful project delivery starts with a set of well defined and understood requirements. Our consultants are experts in helping refine organisational goals and aspirations into epics, features, and user stories within a structured requirements backlog.


Our workshops are usually a half-day session for 4-10 people. On larger projects, we would expect to run 2-4 of these with a different cross section of users in each session. We like the workshops to represent a cross section of users from various roles - administrators to managers to directors. This encourages discussion, builds a shared understanding, and helps our team capture aspects often missed.

Expert industry knowledge

As part of the discovery process, Chess would look to deploy an experienced team to gather the requirements and create a comprehensive specification for the project. Chess would require time with the main project sponsor to clarify the scope; however, we encourage as many stakeholders as reasonable to engage with our team as the best value is often created from a mix of techniques and inputs.

Documented requirements

The output of requirements engineering includes a document which we replay in conjunction with decision makers to highlight common areas of thinking, including any frustrations and challenges in the current way of working. Once both parties have agreed upon this document, a more focused document is created which defines the tasks and deliverables involved.

Design Driven Approach

Digital employ a design driven approach to surfacing and understanding business requirements through the use of tools and methods traditionally associated with creative disciplines.

Idea Generation

Our techniques allow us to elicit and generate ideas from your team in relation to current bugbears, desired functionality and planning how we want people to use the new system.

User Experience

Our workshops enable us to work hand in hand with your team to ensure the user experience is both effortless and seamless from the start.

Digital Transformation

Modern Workplace Consultancy

Are you looking for a digital transformation partner? Digital expectations are rising across the workplace and our capabilities enable us to comprehensively address your digital transformation needs. Our agile approach to digital transformation reduces risk and leads to faster ROI.

We have first class expertise across:

  • Project Management
  • Consultancy
  • Development
  • Data
  • Azure
  • Office365

Our team can help shape your digital transformation and deliver true value to your organisation.

Accessibility Testing

A suite of tests can be undertaken against public facing and intranet sites alike to ascertain the validity of Accessibility related mark-up. Chess Digital can identify these comparing the site against the WCAG2 AA validation standard.

Chess Digital will deliver a report in which issues with the site will be summarised and categorised accordingly. Chess will prioritise advice on errors reported within common site elements for resolution e.g. header, footer and navigation, as resolution of these will likely facilitate the most significant impact in reducing site non-compliance.

After issues with common site elements have been addressed, focus can be redirected to site content generated (either statically or within a content management system), through an iterative process of issue resolution and regression testing until meeting recommended standards.

Depending on the nature of errors prevalent, it may be beneficial to implement a programmatic solution to automatically prevent future content issue re-occurrences.

It is recommended that having undertaken and set a first baseline, a similar exercise be undertaken on a recurring (perhaps quarterly) schedule as relevantly identified so as to ensure ongoing accessibility standards adherence - website content is subject to change over time and any discreet change may inadvertently introduce future unforeseen errors that go otherwise un-noticed.