1. Scribe Online > Integration 

Dynamics 365 comes with comprehensive import functionality, but what if you need to continuously integrate data from other sources? Scribe Online is an integration platform as a service (iPaaS), offering comprehensive data integration capabilities without requiring a dedicated server. Featuring native connections to Dynamics 365 along with a huge library of other systems, Scribe can support just about any data integration requirement. 

2. Kingswaysoft SSIS Toolkit > Integration 

If you already have a SQL Server environment or are working with on-premises systems, Kingswaysoft provide an SSIS toolkit (SQL Server Integration Service) at a competitive price. Its comprehensive toolkit provides a full library of native connectors such as Dynamics 365, SharePoint, Magento and QuickBooks. 

3. ClickDimensions > Marketing 

The out-of-the-box marketing features of Dynamics 365 have always provided basic functionality, but what if you want more? ClickDimensions sole purpose is to provide class-leading marketing functionality into Dynamics. From web forms and surveys to full campaign automation and SMS marketing, there's functionality to support just about any digital marketing scenario. Sitting natively within the Dynamics 365 environment allows it to utilise all the existing data and power of the CRM, with no additional integration effort. 

4. Documents Core Pack > Document Generation 

Native Word document generation is a great new feature but is lacking key features such as sorting and filtering related records. Do you want a customer report, with only their cases from the last six months? Can't be done! SSRS reports have traditionally been the answer to this, but their complexity puts them out of reach for most end users. Documents Core Pack provides a mature, powerful solution for document generation. With advanced filters, tons of options for customisation of the document, and even workflow integration, it provides a powerful set of tools for just about any document generation scenario. 

5. Attachment Extractor > Utilities 

Email integration is a great feature of Dynamics 365, but it comes with a potential issue. What if all those file attachments max out your storage allowance? Storage for Dynamics is priced at a premium, and large images and documents can fill it up faster than you'd think. Attachment Extractor tackles this problem head-on, by extracting all file attachments to a SharePoint environment and replacing them in Dynamics with links to the location. Barely noticeable to users, this tool frees up valuable storage space, reducing the need to buy more as your environment grows in size. 

6. PowerMailChimp > Marketing 

Maybe you already use MailChimp for marketing mail but have always found working with CRM contacts a struggle. PowerMailChimp makes it simple, by allowing the use of Dynamics 365 marketing lists to send campaigns directly. What's more, the tool can gather and record data on return emails, allowing you to utilise the powerful workflow capabilities of Dynamics 365 to take appropriate action. At a much lower cost than full marketing automation, PowerMailChimp provides an effective marketing solution. 

7. PowerPhone > Phone Integration 

As rich and comprehensive as your CRM data is, it's no good if it's not available when you need it. When a contact calls, you want their information right in front of you. PowerPhone does just that, by integrating with your phone system and popping open the appropriate record in Dynamics 365 at the appropriate time. Using the native power of Dynamics 365, information can be displayed for a variety of scenarios, such as sales opportunities, support tickets or something completely custom. Never be uninformed on a call again!