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The Intelligent Cloud is at the core of the shift towards people-centred experiences.

Cloud Services

As part of the Chess Group and as a Microsoft Gold partner we can offer various Cloud computing services that are secure, reliable and easily accessible. These services are designed for platform, software and infrastructure. You may be surprised at how easily and quickly Cloud services can improve your business.

What is 'the Cloud'?

If you were to ask a number of different people, the same question; ‘what is the cloud’, there is a fair chance you’d receive the same number of answers. Everyone’s heard of it, the majority of people use it, but how do you define it? Many people think of the cloud as a nebulous invisible place or abstract model but in reality, the cloud is just a type of computing where individuals and businesses rely on a third party to manage their data and computer processing via the internet.

The benefits

Cloud computing offers a secure, reliable scalable and scalable solution from a shared data centre that you simply ‘plug into’. Traditional, on premises, computing is expensive and at times restrictive. Customers have to pay for the hardware, the software, the licensing, electricity and floorspace no top mention the time required by staff to protect and maintain all these elements. Cloud computing on the other hand allows companies to run faster and cheaper than ever before, simply paying for the resources they consume, when they consume them and bursting in scale when needed.


Microsoft’s Azure platform will evolve to become one big, distributed, ubiquitous computing fabric. One server model that is event driven, serverless, where applications can be written that work across several touchpoints. Our customers have been moving towards this model as they seek to innovate, improve business process and introduce data focused digital transformation.