Azure and Office 365 for Spartan Solutions

Chess Digital migrated Spartan Solution's office systems to the Azure and Office 365 platforms. 

Spartan Solutions Helmet

Spartan produces a range of mobile software apps for major companies in industries such as oil and gas, equipment rental and utilities; to manage their operations world-wide. 

They have also moved into the US market with the launch of mobile software apps aimed at reducing costs for oil and gas companies.


  • Microsoft Azure
  • Microsoft SharePoint Server
  • Microsoft Office 365

Key Deliverables

  • Migration of e-mail to Office 365
  • Design and consultancy services to establish a SharePoint project (team) site and a SharePoint document site on SharePoint online (Office 365)
  • SharePoint groups and required permissions structure
  • Reliable platform to host business systems, with global availability, whilst on the move
  • SharePoint Training and e-mail support
  • Flexible communications across devices and IOS platforms


Chess Digital was approached by Spartan Solutions to provide technical support in migrating their office systems.

Phase 1 consisted of migration to Exchange Online to remove administrative overhead from Spartan Solutions and improve Business Continuity resilience.

Chess Digital's SharePoint design and consultancy team developed and deployed a suitable portal environment on Office 365. This solution, designed for the end user and based on Spartan customer projects, will provide an operational gateway to ‘communication and collaboration’ formatted information, primarily for the benefit of Spartan Solutions internal users.

Creating the SharePoint online structure and initial project site, based on their requirements, Chess Digital created a handful of sub sites with two separate site collections for more secure information, SharePoint groups, required permission structure and some basic apps added to some of the sites.

This phase of the project also incorporated a number of document templates to be defined at a requirements validation workshop.

Phase 2 expanded this SharePoint instance to incorporate all of Spartan Solution’s active Projects. Chess Digital also provided a day’s training for SharePoint basics, including a hands on session that covered site columns, content types and permissions.

Business benefits for Spartan included:

  • Cost Effective Solution — Spartan Solutions were able to migrate to the latest version on Microsoft Exchange without any capital expenditure and implement Microsoft SharePoint, the premium collaboration tools without any capital expenditure.
  • Updates and Maintenance — Updates, patches, and upgrades happen in the background without Spartan Solutions needing to be concerned.
  • Accessibility — Office 365 lives in the cloud. Spartan Solutions E-Mail and SharePoint documentation can be accessed from each office location and from anywhere with an internet connection. Offline copies can also be made and can be synchronised when connectivity is re-established.
  • Flexibility — Each user is licensed to install copies of Office on 5 different devices.