Business Intelligence for Scotwork

Scotwork- the largest independent negotiation skills specialist development company in the world.

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Since 1975 Scotwork have led the field with their ground breaking methods in negotiation skills development.

Scotwork help transform the performance of companies and individuals with measurable proven skills and total commitment to quality. As the largest independent specialist negotiation skills development company in the world — with an established and experienced licensed network of 35 offices across the globe, delivering over 1,000 courses per year in 22 languages, Scotwork provide their services for many blue chip organisations.


  • MS SQL Server 2008
  • Windows 2008 Server Platform

Key challenges

Staff need the ability to look at information in seconds which normally would take 3 to 4 days to correlate

Inconsistencies in data are highlighted and resolved quickly

Performance of tutors need to be measured on a consistent and accurate basis

The flexibility of the Reporting Services must allow for tailoring of reports to suit the ever changing needs of both the organisation and their partners

Data is available at a geographic level thus allowing Scotwork to target developing countries.


Scotwork required the ability to interrogate course event and tutor performance data from their bespoke CRM application. As their core business systems have SQL Server 2008 as the database platform it was a case of leveraging the functionality of SQL Server 2008 Analysis services and Reporting Services.

Data warehouses were added to the core system and the solution was built on a Windows 2008 Server platform using SQL Server 2008 Enterprise Edition.

Data is moved between the CRM databases and the warehouses every four hours (Scotwork is a worldwide company and data is accessed on a 24 hours a day basis). Analysis services cubes were created for various areas of the business such as courses, tutor performance, etc. The cube data is accessed using ProClarity Desktop 6.3.

While the cubes provide a day to day view of operations within the organisation, reporting to the various partners was carried out using a combination of Reporting and Analysis Services. This provided both statistical information for Key Performance Indicators (KPI) as well as data rich information to give context to the headline KPI’s.