RM Capital - Software Development

RM Capital Markets is a leading fixed income specialist focusing on the origination, distribution and trading of Fixed Income securities and Capital Market products. 

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Established in December 2010, RM Capital provides a fully serviced fixed income agency brokerage, primary origination, distribution and trading service to its clients. 

Independently owned, the RM team are committed to developing the core business ethos of transparency, integrity and application along with establishing and maintaining long lasting trading and professional client relationships. 


  • Silverlight
  • WCF RIA Services
  • SQL Server 2008

Key Challenges

RM Capital required a solution that allowed them to record, manage and report the trades that they were involved in through the various platforms they traded on. This included functionality for managing the various traders, currencies, clients and accounts used as on the trading platforms.

The following features were delivered:

  • Silverlight Application and WCF RIA Services
  • Website to host Silverlight Application
  • Database
  • Bloomberg Integration
  • TradeWeb Integration
  • FSA reporting
  • ICBC reporting


The Trade Recording System that we produced used the MVVM software development pattern, which stands for Model-View-ViewModel, this approach is well suited to Silverlight applications as it allows the code running at the server to trigger a refresh of the screen rather than the client having to manually trigger a refresh. We utilized this to ensure that the information displayed on the users screen is kept up-to-date, in terms of trades coming in from the external feeds (Bloomberg/TradeWeb) and the changes other users were making in the system. 

Currently the system has around 20 users from both Edinburgh and London.

On top of the support package RM Capital have with us they have also been keen to expand the solution with additional phases of work being undertaken in the past year. The main additions to the original solution have been a disaster recovery model, manual entry system for trades and support for a new team using the application from a new office in London.