Software Development for McCurrach

Chess Digital have worked with McCurrach on all aspects of IT, software design and provision since 1999.

Supermarket aisle - McCurrach

Established for over 100 years, McCurrach are industry leaders working with some of the largest financial, grocery and technology companies in the world.

With clients among the largest global consumer goods brands, McCurrach specialise in outsourced sales forces; positioning and promoting clients' products for a maximum increase in sales. 

Employing high calibre sales teams and investing in expertise training and development — McCurrach make a real and sustainable difference at the critical point where the product meets the customer. 


  • Microsoft SQL 2012, SSRS
  • SharePoint 2013
  • Latest Dell Window 8 tablets
  • Windows 8

Key Deliverables

  • Data capture solution on Windows 8 tablets available over web technologies
  • Near-to-real time functionality
  • Rich Business Intelligence and dashboard capabilities
  • Full suite of productivity applications
  • Integrated photograph functions
  • Information updates without returning to office/base


McCurrach’s field workforce application (STAR) had been in use for over six years. This was to be upgraded and improved by utilising new hardware, software and business processes as well as increasing mobile bandwidth and connectivity. 

McCurrach’s business is heavily reliant on a fast and effective information flow from its several hundred fields based staff. The data gathered is then sent to head office, where subsequent analysis is quickly relayed to its principals.

Chess Digital developed a line-of-business bespoke application using multiple technologies and subsystems — IRIS — with the aim of providing near-to-real time reporting functionality along with a higher level of detail than the existing technology.

A significant part of the IRIS solution uses SharePoint 2013 in order to capture, manage, store and distribute documents and images around the organisation. This would be done automatically via workflow and off line synchronisation. SharePoint 2013 is also heavily used together with SQL and SSRS to develop and deliver rich, customisable business intelligence and dashboard capabilities to both internal and external users.

The overall application was developed after in depth consultation with the client. A process that ensured the application was not only fit for purpose but ahead of all competition.

Chess Digital were able to access (pre-release), the Windows 8 operating system which we could test and develop the application on. This would provide the means of input for the end user to work on.

The software was developed with a very tight deadline to meet specific business needs. This was achieved and rapidly after completion of user acceptance testing, the application went live within the field. IRIS has been in use daily by over 600 users throughout the UK.

IRIS has proved itself and one of the benefits of Chess Digital Systems’ effective use of these cutting edge technologies is that there is always capability for the application to be upgraded.