First of it's kind Diplomatic Academy for FCO

Chess Digital developed a learning platform, on SharePoint, for the Foreign and Commonwealth Office's Diplomatic Academy. 

Foreign Office Compass 3

The Foreign & Commonwealth Office (FCO) has a worldwide network of embassies and consulates, employing over 14,000 people in nearly 270 diplomatic offices. 

FCO work with international organisations to promote British interests and global security, including the EU, NATO, the United Nations, the UN Security Council and the Commonwealth.


  • Microsoft SharePoint
  • Microsoft SQL Server

Key Deliverables

  • Optimised user experience to encourage widespread adoption and engagement 
  • Branded look and feel, consistent with the government's renewed approach to relaying and maintaining a stringent profile
  • Central hub to host key information relevant to targeted audience (UK Diplomats)
  • Ensures an interactive understanding into UK policies and procedures in an at-a-glance, easy to use format 


The British government’s Foreign and Commonwealth office selected Chess Digital for the implementation of a Microsoft SharePoint platform, for the Diplomatic Academy’s Knowledge Excellence undertaking, the first of its kind amongst government organisations. 

This digital, bespoke 2013 platform is for the benefit of FCO internal users as well as select stakeholders; the population between 14,000 and 16,000 people across global sites.

The aim of this platform was ultimately to facilitate knowledge transfer and act as an awareness library, ensuring UK diplomatic expertise is captured and transferred to staff across many disparate locations and the distinction between learning material classifications provides a fluent user journey and assured transition from start to finish.

The business benefits provided from this platform include increased adoption of best practice behaviour amongst UK government representatives, improved staff communications through encouragement of peer learning, conveyance of the governments discreet individual faculties overall vision and a rigid platform for the delivery of key information relating to the various faculties across the divers government portfolio.

The solution delivered by Chess Digital has realised FCO's vision, by providing an extensible platform that engages with users on arrival; delivering a stimulating user experience throughout the learning journey.

The FCO DA’s extensive launch event planning, along with comprehensive launch material should ensure rapid and widespread adoption amongst diplomats.